If you’ve taken the time to amass a beautiful and valuable art collection, it only stands to reason you’ll want to make sure it safely gets to your new home. Luckily, there are some things you can do to protect your artwork as it goes from point A to point B. Below, you’ll find some suggestions.

Consider the nature of your artwork.

The specific types of artwork you have will determine how you pack each piece. For example, you should pack oil paintings differently than watercolors or prints. It is also true with other art pieces that might include sculptures, carvings, and engravings or ones made primarily out of glass or other breakable materials.

Use the right size/type of box for each piece.

With moving boxes, there are many different sizes, styles, and shapes. With paintings, for instance, boxes usually used for mirrors and frames tend to work best. Additional options with boxes for artwork include:

  • telescopic boxes, which are suitable for oddly shaped items
  • corrugated boxes that are light yet durable
  • paperboard boxes for pieces that you can wrap with appropriate packing materials
Make sure you are using a sturdy box to protect your art collection.

Consider using a crate for larger pieces.

Another safe way to pack and transport artwork is to use a crate. The added expense can easily be justified, especially with artwork that has a higher value. As far as options go with containers, you can have crates custom-built for specific pieces or go with pre-built boxes.

Smaller pieces may be safer in one box.

If you have concerns about smaller pieces getting lost or leaving them behind accidentally, consider grouping them in a single box. It is also an excellent way to keep smaller collections together. Just allow some space around each piece once you properly wrapped them. Speaking of wrapping and packing materials, your options with art pieces include:

  • bubble wrap
  • packing peanuts
  • foam
  • packing paper
  • blankets or tarp for bulky pieces
Collect smaller items in one box to save up on space.

Avoid excess jostling and secure heavier items.

During the actual transport of your art collection, it’s essential to make sure you securely placed the various pieces. It means securing larger pieces that could fall or slide and putting mid-size or smaller boxes containing your art collection in a way that minimizes movement. Also, avoid stacking boxes unless you firmly hold them in place.

Bonus Tip: Label especially fragile or breakable art pieces either with an X or with the words “fragile” or “breakable,” so you can take extra precautions.

Turn to a trusted moving company.

One of the safest ways to transport your art collection safely to your new home is to hire a reputable moving company. Professional movers know how to take proper precautions with valuable and fragile items, like what you can typically find in an art collection. They also know how to arrange such things in the moving van properly and how to safely and effectively place your art collection in its designated location. What you’ll ultimately end up with is peace of mind as you complete your move to your new home.

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